This weekend marks the end of Earth Week 2019, though we continue to celebrate the beauty of our planet and take action to protect and preserve it for future generations. I want us to prioritize the future of our environment EVERY DAY, and take innovative actions that will put Chester County on a renewable and green path forward!

12 years ago, I transformed an abandoned 240,000 square foot industrial building into an education and business hub called Franklin Commons. We used as many renewable energy sources as we could fit into the building, including solar panels on top, because it’s not just beneficial for our environment – it also curbs the cost of electricity for the local small businesses that work in the building.

During construction and renovation, we reused old building materials and debris to limit the amount of waste created that would need to be carted off site or put into landfills. Whether it was filling in open sites with the old material or using the old metal and wood for arts and sculptures throughout the building, we made sure these materials had a renewed purpose. You can see the before and after pictures of the original railroad siding and the new Campus Walk.

Before: A Debris-Filled Abandoned Railway
After: The New “Campus Walk” Using Material From the Old Debris Including Scrap Metal to Create Beautiful Sculptures

Now, our environment is reaching a pivotal moment. We’re at a tipping point which our County leaders cannot afford to ignore. With climate change getting exponentially worse, we need leaders in government that are willing to take action NOW and in every industry sector to protect our climate for future generations.

That future is at risk with the current Republican majority on our commission which refused to take major steps to curb climate change and is delaying the sustainable future I see on the horizon.

As your next county commissioner, I will make sure that county government is environmentally sustainable with a goal toward becoming carbon neutral. This includes utilizing county land for renewable solar energy to help offset operating costs and wind power in others areas where possible. Moving Chester County to a renewable future is important to me, and I would like to see the county work together with its member municipalities to make that vision a reality.

I will also do everything within the power of county government to protect our citizens that have been affected by the Mariner East project, and be a strong advocate for pipeline safety regulations at all levels of government. There is absolutely no reason for dangerous highly volatile natural gas liquids to be coming through our communities, especially when they are running through an aging and thin pipe near schools, parks, and nursing homes. I will continue standing up to companies like Energy Transfer that threaten our safety by steamrolling through our towns with little to no local input and no credible safety plan for our communities.

My experience in sustainability and plans for a greener Chester County are the reason Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania endorsed our campaign. The CVPA is dedicated to helping candidates that will stand up for our environment and move us towards a renewable and sustainable future.

So as we look back on Earth Week 2019, let’s put our words into action and commit to electing a Democratic majority on the county commission that is forward thinking and which implements solutions that will keep Chester County’s environment clean and beautiful for generations to come.

I am ready to get to work on behalf of Chester County residents to put our people and our environment first.

– Marian