Ken Mumma Testimonial for Marian Moskowitz for Chester County Commissioner


I have worked with Marian Moskowitz for a number of years, particularly on the board of the Association for the Colonial Theater, which she now chairs. While she has demonstrated leadership in a broad range of community and personal endeavors, it is her character and the nature of her leadership that drives my firm belief that Marian would be an outstanding Commissioner for Chester County.

Marian is upright and forthright; she leads with her passion and ideas. Perhaps as importantly, though, she leads with a practical wisdom, ensuring all voices are at the table and that they are all heard.

As a Commissioner, she is perfectly suited to work with her colleagues to take action for the common good of our County’s citizens, its environment and its economy. I am proud to offer my full support for Marian!

Ken Mumma
President, People’s Light and Theater

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